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 Come spend Memorial Day Weekend with us for FREE as we serve the camp!


DATES:  MAY 27-30TH, 2016


If you are looking for a way to contribute to what God does at Denton Camp, Serve Camp is your chance!

Each year we gather together as a community of campers to support this great ministry by picking up shovels, paintbrushes, hammers, and all kinds of tools to repair and restore our campus from the harsh winter. We have held work days for generations and it's amazing what can be accomplished when we pull together!  As always, we hope that your time with us is not just work - but rather a great time to get to know others, spend time with family and friends.

This year, let's do all that and get away from the busyness of life for a couple days! Come spend Memorial Day with us! While we aim to accomplish much - we also will have a lot of fun! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of campers by helping us keep this an awesome place to meet God!



TIME: Serve Camp is a really flexible event. We want most people to be there on or around 5-7 pm on Friday - though you can come later or even arrive on Saturday. We hope you can stay the whole time and enjoy the fellowship, but even if you can only come for the work day on Saturday, that's ok!

HOW IT WORKS: Saturday will be our work day. We will have a project command center describing various tasks to pick from. You can pick what interests you most and pair up in teams to get to it! There are even projects the whole family can help with! Sunday, we will have a worship service and then enjoy some fun family activities! Monday, anything left to be done we will work on until noon and then head home!

CHILDREN: Bring em! We love to have children experience camp and learn to have a heart for service! There is no child-care provided but parents typically just rotate off projects to spend time with their kids.

TEENS: Teenagers who want to attend but their parents don't are welcome but will need to go with a different family, adult or youth group and be under their care for the weekend.

HOUSING/REGISTRATION: If you have a cottage, it's a great time to open it up for the season and use it to stay. Registering is required --this helps give us an idea who is coming and where you would prefer to stay. Registration is online and is really easy or you can call (410) 479-3361.

You can register as late as 1 week before-hand since we have to order food and supplies.


Food will be available for a very low cost at the snack shop. Meals during work day will be provided. 


Arrivals between 5-7 pm. We will have a cookout Friday night from 5-6pm. Bring a dish to share.


8am   - Quick breakfast and then getting to work!
12-1p - Lunch will be provided
6pm   - Dinner - We will be done work by dinner time and then will partner with the staff of His Hope Haven shelter for a night of worship provided by Next Generation church!


9a Pancake breakfast
10:30a Worship service in the Hope Center
11am Hula Hoop Contest (Pavilion)
12-1p Lunch at the snackshop
1:30p In the pavilion, Crafts (may be small materials cost) or Pinewood Derby Car Building (Material cost $10)
5-6pm Dinner at the snackshop
6:30pm Pinewood Derby Race
7pm 10’ Long Banana Split - Ice Cream Social (Cost $3).
8:30pm If the weather is good, we will have a bonfire!


8am Quick breakfast and finish up any remaining projects/clean-up until noon.
12 Noon - Goodbye!

Schedule subject to minor adjustments as needed.

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