Our History

Old Tabernacle2      Old Tabernacle

Camp History

Denton Camp had its inception when a grove near the town of Denton, Maryland was cleared and an all-day Open Air Camp was held on July 4, 1898 under the direction of the Caroline County Holiness Association. On July 22, 1898, the Camp officially opened. Two years later, after clearing the grounds, a tabernacle was built. At first, canvas tents housed the campers. Then, one by one, the cottages were built.

Over the years, numerous new buildings and facilities have been added – a modern dining hall and kitchen, known as the C.S. Hope Dining Hall, and later the Crowder Center was completed; four modern memorials cottages, used by camp meeting workers; two modern restrooms; a male resident’s hall; Lakeview Center; a pavilion and recreational areas.

Many of the original cottages stand in the inner-circle of the grounds. As ownership changed, they were preserved, remodeled or replaced. The original tabernacle, with its many re-enforcements, extensions and enlargements, had withstood many storms and served quite well over some ninety years. However, due to dangerous structural deterioration and the need for a larger seating capacity, the original tabernacle that held so many fond memories came down and a new, more comfortable structure (with a seating capacity of 1000) stands in its place. Time and progress reflect many changes in the physical features of this historic Camp and no longer do those who attend come by horse and buggy or steamboat.

While the original 10-day Family Camp still highlights the season, the facilities are now being used all during the year for various Christian activities. However, the Abiding Presence of The Holy Spirit is the same and the beautiful music, the gospel message, and fervent prayers still rise through the stately old trees that shade over Denton Camp.

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